Ex-Swiss Private Banker Ashish Bhandari Shares Crucial Traits for a Career in Finance

Ashish Bhandari Dubai

October 8, 2021

Ex-Swiss Private Banker Ashish Bhandari Shares Crucial Traits for

Former Dubai banker Ashish Bhandari demonstrates what it takes to succeed in the fast-moving world of finance.

From portfolio management and investment consulting to estate planning and tax advisory, the world of finance is as broad as it is fast-moving. It’s also a potentially highly lucrative world in which many individuals aspire to make a living. With that, former banker Ashish Bhandari Banker shares what he believes are three crucial traits for a successful career in the industry.

“Today, more people than ever aspire to enter the realm of finance and banking,” says Bhandari, speaking from his office in the world-famous city of Dubai. “Yet, it’s a career that remains most suited to those who possess several crucial traits,” he adds.

Currently based in the United Arab Emirates, Ashish Bhandari is an ex-Swiss private banker. Bhandari left a lucrative career in finance in 2017 to start his own business. Despite leaving the banking world behind, he remains happy to share his years of knowledge with those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Accordingly, Bhandari has compiled a brief list of what he believes are crucial traits for a successful career in finance. First among these traits, he says, is an inherent ability to solve problems. “Being a natural problem-solver is essential,” suggests the expert.

“You’ll regularly be called upon to tackle obstacles and find solutions to various challenges,” he explains, “so being able to calmly and level-headedly solve problems is a must.”

Equally important, Ashish Bhandari Banker goes on to reveal, is a high level of technological know-how. It’s no secret, he says, that today’s financial services industry relies heavily on technology. As such, being tech-savvy is vital, the expert reports.

“An ability to quickly grasp any necessary technology will set you apart from individuals who are less knowledgeable in this area,” Bhandari explains. “When it comes to hiring, a thorough understanding of technology is often toward the top of any finance industry employer’s list of must-haves,” he adds.

Emotional intelligence a huge selling point for a banker, Ashish Bhandari says

Finally, Ashish Bhandari Banker turns to what is, perhaps, a less obvious trait. “Emotional intelligence,” says the ex-Swiss private banker. “Much like an ability to overcome obstacles and quickly gel with any necessary technology, a high degree of emotional intelligence will also help to set you apart from others in the field,” he reveals.

“Empathy can sometimes feel lacking within the world of finance,” adds the former banker, in closing, “therefore, an ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence can be a huge selling point, particularly in certain markets.”

Ashish Bhandari (Dubai) is an ex-Swiss private banker, best known for his work alongside ultra-high-net-worth clients. Bhandari has subsequently started three highly successful businesses of his own in India. Last year, he also partnered with a jet chartering company to work on a venture centered upon leasing private jets.

Himself the proud holder of a private pilot license, the former banker is also an enthusiastic gym-goer. In his free time, his other interests include reading, embracing technology, and spending time with his friends and family.